LSU established the Stephenson National Center for Security Research and Training (SNCSRT) in 2003 to coordinate efforts in security research and training. The University is currently a leader in providing training on anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism techniques and regularly supports projects initiated by state and federal law enforcement agencies. The purpose of the Center is:

  • To establish a coordinated, university-based system to promote interaction and collaboration toward the common spacer objectives of safety and security;
  • Coordinate the activities of existing units that focus on security and emergency preparedness;
  • Create a collaborative structure that incorporates faculty expertise; and
  • Partner with private and public entities.
SNCSRT annually manages over $45 million of activities in 5 stand-alone organizations under the leadership of Interim Director Brant Mitchell (bmitch9@lsu.edu) 225.578.5939. Cumulative sponsored program funding since 1991 is over $605 million and SNCSRT employs over 700 people.